Directory of Related Links

Psychoeducation is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan. The World Wide Web has many free resources for assisting you in your change effort. The more you can find out about the problem, the richer your therapy experience will be and you can make more informed choices. I have an extensive list of recommended readings including books, workbooks, and tapes. Ask for this list on your intial appointment. Being curious and interested is an important asset in your effort to make changes. These sites were well rated by national surveys.


Relationship Information for Couples

12 sections to help stuck couples improve relationships. Each section has guidelines, suggestions, and sometimes questionnaires.

Premarital Orientation
What are the challenges couples face when they marry:  myths, financial issues, in-laws and more.

Anxiety Self Help
Help in building your toolkit to manage your anxiety:  social anxiety, fear of flying and much more.

Step Family in Formation

About 700 pages of information on almost every family topic.


Eight depression measures, articles, medication information, case studies, links, FAQs. Very comprehensive.
Guide to Self Help Resources
Comprehesnive, current guide to self help resources with the top 20 self help books, how to chose the right book, and lists of self help books by category.