Making progress in psychotherapy is enhanced when you are curious about "how you tick" -- the patterns that work for you and those that do not. Happiness and fulfillment in life tends to improve when the four core areas of life -- the basics -- are given attention in a balanced way. These four core areas of regeneration and renewal are:

The Physical: Building in regular sleep, regular, nutritious meals, & regular exercise into the daily routine. Join a health club or gym. Find out about yoga classes and/or Tai Chi instruction.

The Mental: Moving toward positive, self affirming beliefs and attitudes, having something we love to do regularly for mental focus.

The Socio-emotional: Be compassionate and forgiving to the self, develop a range of skillful emotional expression, have regular social outlets, serve others.

The Spiritual: Seize opportunities to commune with nature, be curious about why we are here and what is the meaning of life. Learn and practice relaxed breath awareness daily.