EVENT LISTING: Autumn 2017

Ongoing Programs to Enhance Life Balance and Well Being:

Yoga Classes

Himalayan Institute, 841 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14209.  Visit www.hibuffalo.org for schedule and fees.

Tai Chi Classes:  In Buffalo, contact the Taoist Tai Chi Society at 716-876-7218. 

Yoga and Meditation for Depression and AnxietyHimalayan Institute, 841 Delaware Ave, Buffaolo, NY 14209.  Recurrent program running usually montly.    Call 716-882-2223 to register or go to www.hibuffalo.org 

Programs for Therapist Personal and Professional Growth: 

Dr. Treible has experienced the training at each of these marvelous, wholistic training centers and recommends the programs highly.

Gestalt Institute of Cleveland:  Gestalt Training Program (GTP).  a two year basic training in the Gestalt therapy method for therapists. Clinician's Advanced Training Program with Certification option (CATC0) is a two year program leading to certification as a Gestalt therapist for graduates of the Gestalt Traininng Program.  This program begins March 2018. More information on these and other programs at www.gestaltcleveland.org.  There is a short introductory video to the institute on this website and there ar half day introductory workshops on the Gestalt method at regular intervals in Cleveland.

Yoga Training:
In addition to the yoga classes, workshops and seminars at the Himilayan Institute Buffalo,  www.hibuffalo.org, there are ongoing 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher trainng programs and a training program in Ayruvedic traditional healing.  There are proergrams at the Himilayan Institute in Honesdale, PA as well.

Yogaville, a spiriual center in Virginia, has extensive programs in all aspects of yoga and a vibrant teacher training offering as well. See the website at www.yogaville.org.


Spring 2017:  After a short illness, Montae Saddler, my long time personal trainer has died suddenly and unexpectedly. His love of sharing his knowledge of how to build functional fitness was truly inspiring to me and to his many trainees. Valuing growth of body, mind and spirit, he attracted  trainees who were truly motivated and willing to engage in the process of becoming fit. With a firm foundation in the martial arts (Kung Fu), Montae emphasized strengthening, flexibility and lenghtening of muscle and paid much attention to core fitness.  His sessions were about focus, quality of movement over quantity, and being kind to the self including pausing and resting after a sustained effort.  During rest periods, we could talk about Eastern and Western philosophy,  the Bills football team wide recievers, sing an Earth Wind and Fire riff, talk politics, or about atomic physics. He was very bright and one of his clients, who is a priest, said, "he knows more about the Bible than the Pope".  We shared the belief that being fit in a supple, pain free, body requires continuous effort with modifications as we age.  His trainees varied in age from 20 somethings to 90. Joy in movement and present momement awareness,  wisdom and knowledge of how the body works together as a whole--wonderful stuff!  As we met three times per week for personal training,  I miss seeing him, being with him and training with him very much.   God speed on your journey, Montae.

P.S: For those whose interest in personal training is stimulated by the above, stay tuned.  His protogee trainer may be taking new trainees.


On April 7, 2016, Dr. Treible gave an invited  talk on: Stress, Anxiety and Depresson and took part in a panel discussion as part of a continuing education program for lawyers at the Erie County Bar Association in Buffalo, NY                                 


Since the week of the 9th of January, 2011 Dr. Treible has been seening patients solely in the Englewood Avenue offices and no longer is seeing patients in East Aurora.

Directions to 719 Englewood Ave, Buffalo can be found by clicking on "Contact Info" on this website.


Jonathan Treible moved his practice from 5784 Main Street, Williamsville, NY  to 719 Englewood, Ave, Buffalo, New York on March 29, 2010.    Contact phone number remains the same (716-480-1997).


The new building has been extensively renovated and is quite beautiful.  We will be offering counseling/psychotherapy, theraputic massage, and yoga. For Massage Therapy please call Ann Loretan, RN, LMT at 716-465-8790. A schedule for yoga classes will be posted in the near future.


719 Englewood Ave is near the Village of Kenmore in the Town of Tonawanda between Kenmore Avenue and Highland Avenue about a mile north northwest from the UB South Campus.  From the 290, Youngman Highway, drive south on Colvin Ave. to Highland Ave turning left for one block to the intersection with Englewood.  The office is about 0.75 mile down Englewood Ave. on the left.



ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dr. Treible Board Certified in Clinical Psychology, ABPP

Dr. Treible is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology as granted by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).   Board Certification recognizes, certifies and promotes advanced competence in the specialty of Clinical Psychology.  In addition to demonstrating competency in working with patients and awareness and relevance of research and theory, board certified clinical psychologists demonstrate knowledge of diversity issues, supervision and consultation competency, and sensitivity to the ethical and legal implications of professional practice for patient protection.  

The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) exam is the only test assessing competence and ethical practice of psychologists. The examination focuses on actual clinical skills and effectiveness, and is neither a credential review like the National Register nor a test of academic knowledge like the licensing exam.  In a meeting with a panel of nationally recognized psychologists who had reviewed multiple videos of his work with patients and and had administered to Dr. Treible a rigorous exam, he demonstrated his abilities and expertise.

ABPP board certification is the only board certification recognized by the 156,000 member American Psychological Association or the National Register of Psychologists.  Only 1300 psychologists in the United States have board certification in clinical psychology.