Professional - Personal - Caring

Individuals, couples and families and groups face complex problems and often intensely personal problems. Sometimes help is needed - caring professional help.

Many in search of new hope for restoring balance in their lives, reducing emotional pain, and improving relationships at home and at work turn to Caring Couples and Family Counseling.

A private professional practice, Caring Couples and Family Counseling specializes in sensitive, personalized, responsive psychotherapy which offers new hope for individuals, couples, families and groups committed to:

  • overcoming obstacles
  • improved communication at home and in the workplace
  • renewed teamwork in couples and families and in the workplace
  • enhanced intimacy skills for couples and families

Professional: Years of training, diverse technical skills, abundant knowledge and years of experience oriented to the process restoring balance in life, reducing emotional pain, and improving communication and teamwork .

Personal: Warm understanding, compassion, and empathy, non-judgmental objectivity and fairness, and caring responsiveness to help people restore balance in their lives, reduce emotional pain, enhance teamwork, and improve relationships.

Expect results: Dr. Treible will:

  • thoughtfully review your concerns and objectives
  • talk with relevant people for a thorough assessment
  • conduct individual and collective sessions as needed
  • help identify common goals for the therapy
  • explain the process thoroughly
  • never judge or lecture
  • focus on increasing awareness of interactive patterns between people and working with these patterns toward solutions
  • always respect individual,  family and group/workplace shared reactions and offer suggestions and recommendations

Caring Couples and Family Counseling offers individuals, couples, families, groups and workplaces real hope for increased confidence and self esteem, improved communication and interaction, increased ability to work together, and enhanced joy and satisfaction in life.
Ultimately, success depends on a positive, cooperative effort between troubled, yet concerned people and Dr. Treible